4 Quick Examples Of My UX Design

I’ve designed hundreds of pieces for user interaction, marketing, presentation, and merchandise, while freelance or full-time at companies large and small. Here I’ve highlighted a small number of projects on a variety of digital platforms.

Kitchen Creator

To coincide with the new small-format Sears appliance store, we created a large-format digital display to showcase all large kitchen appliances that Sears offers, in life-size context. UXA, visual design, and engineering worked together to implement a trio of 80" displays on which associates can hot-swap different appliance models and kitchen types for customers.

Innovel Solutions

I spent a lot of time with Innovel personnel, learning how their national logistics service works. After designing their pitch decks and promotional materials, my team wrote and designed their website, and implemented it on a wordpress framework.


wireframes to design

Sears.com / Kmart.com

I worked closely with UXA teams to iterate UI design for sears.com and kmart.com, focusing on customer personalization and profile features. We innovated solutions for incremental problems, adhering to established design patterns, and testing through user studies. While integrating even small changes within such a large site structure and team is a challenge, over time I saw a positive impact on the usability of the sites.

sears.com | kmart.com

Mediaspan Templates

I started at Mediaspan designing for table-based CMS templates optimized for Netscape! Over time we transitioned the clients to fully responsive sites; here are some of the final sites I designed and developed.