Beatserv: Clash

Samples of my beat productions for the Beatserv: Clash audio pack.

Silver Atlas

Silver Atlas remix

remixes00 by Silver Atlas A remix I did for electronic pop band Silver Atlas.

Beatserv: Detroit Sound Pack

I took a field recorder to downtown Detroit and edited these samples into Ableton Live, NI Battery, and WAV kits.

Beatserv Free Series: Hip Hop

I programmed beat loops and a MIDI scratch kit for Beatserv Free Series: Hip Hop (bs010). Download the MIDI scratch kit Scratching Kit (NI Battery + WAV)

Beatserv Series Two: Syntax

Samples from a Beat pack I created for Beatserv. Made of found sounds, field recordings, synth bits, and Beatserv studio samples. Example tracks Download an archive wav loops rex loops Apple Loops extras (NI Battery + wav hits)

Beatserv Series One: Residence

Samples from a Beat pack I created for Beatserv. Chicago house style. Example Tracks Download an archive Residence – bs002 (wav, rex, Apple loops)


Bounte: Maximal

I wrote and produced this instrumental 4-track hard electronica EP, and did the artwork. Released on Positron! Records.

SMP - The Treatment

SMP remix

remixes00 by SMP Bounte remix of Metropolis published on SMP‘s The Treatment CD.

Bounte One

Bounte: One album

One by Bounte I wrote and programmed the ten songs on this electronica CD. Released on Positron! Records.