8 Tracks That Highlight My Best Music Production

As a producer I balance my own vision with the reward of bringing out the voice of my collaborators. I have written, produced, designed for, and published music through many labels and agencies, landing spots with clients such as ABC, MTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Netflix, and Red Bull. I've performed and toured with a variety of bands in the midwest. Here are audio selections from some of my favorite projects.


After working with Ruffin on several albums, Alan has become a good friend. Yet I am still awed and inspired by his musical talent, charm, and good spirits. I've had the privilege of producing two of his full-length albums, as well as creating album art and editing video. A creative challenge was programming naturalistic drums for many of his tracks, such as Philosophy.


Fight Nice

I worked with Tim and Brian for many years in various formats, watching them grow tremendously as songwriters and performers. So it was rewarding to produce this great indie rock project with them, playing bass guitar, engineering, and mixing.



Bounte is my own electronic music project. Over the years I've released numerous albums and taken on many roles, from writing, performing, and producing, to album art, web design, and identity design.


I co-founded a beat production company that sold high-end boutique beats at affordable prices. I engineered and produced beats, loops, and hits for NI Battery, ReCycle, Apple Loops, Ableton Live, and WAV. In addition to the audio and general product design, I designed and implemented a Magento e-commerce site to download the works, and designed artwork for the packages and promotions.