Ruffin - Strongest Years album art

Ruffin: Strongest Years

I produced, recorded, and mixed this album for Chicago singer/songwriter Alan Ruffin, as well as programming parts of the music (notably all the drums) and designing the album art.

Bounte: The Best Man EP

On this beautifully constructed and haunting EP, Chicago’s Bounte (working with Alan Ruffin and Catcher James) takes inspiration from author Colby Cuppernull’s short story collection, Best Man, capturing both the emotional exhaustion of the characters and the picaresque misery of the stories’ setting. The Best Man EP by Bounte by Winter Cardinal Press

ZD Craptastic Bedroom Kit

I recorded my mismatched studio drum kit and made an Ableton Live Drum Rack out of it, as well as some rock drum loops. It’s kind of unique in its variable “muting” control. Released by Zen Dozer Studio. Example Tracks Download ZDcraptasticBedroomKit.ZIP (Ableton Live, WAV, NI Battery. 350MB) The Original Spiel Work with what ya […]

presentation screenshot

Music Production for education presentation

I produced a mix and video screencast for a friend’s presentation on how electronic music production can be taught in schools. It shows some remix production and DJ techniques.

Beatserv Free Series: Vintage

Nine classic drum machines interpreted and translated into powerful Ableton Live Drum Racks. I programmed all the Drum Racks, macros, and loops so these classic sounds can be used fluidly in a modern DAW, with creative Beatserv flavor. It was distributed as Beatserv Free Series: Vintage (bs015); I’ve archived it below. Example tracks Download an […]