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A Slice of the Solar System

Slice of the Solar SystemThis web experiment represents one slice of our solar system to scale (with everything impossibly lined up). I built it to help me fathom the enormity of space, and try out some CSS tricks. Each scroll of the mouse wheel sends you millions of kilometers at way faster than light speed, but barely gets you anywhere. Click the navigation links on the left to jump to the highlights.

The enormous numbers involved on this web page may stretch or even break the capabilities of your web browser. Mobile devices have a hard time keeping up. It seems to work best in Firefox. Internet Explorer fails beyond 1533900 pixels, so that limits our scale. I’d like to put the Oort cloud in here, but it is about 15 times further out than Voyager 1, and even Firefox cannot handle the math unless we reduce the scale to where everything is too small to see.