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ZD Craptastic Bedroom Kit

I recorded my mismatched studio drum kit and made an Ableton Live Drum Rack out of it, as well as some rock drum loops. It’s kind of unique in its variable “muting” control. Released by Zen Dozer Studio.

Example Tracks

ZDcraptasticBedroomKit.ZIP (Ableton Live, WAV, NI Battery. 350MB)

The Original Spiel

Work with what ya got… maybe you have to record on an old drumset in the corner of a bedroom with a mishmash of ill-fitted parts: the ride is corroded and a bit green, the crash is some unmarked turkish thing that’s been turned inside-out a few times, and the kick pedal hits you in the shins. We’ve made that crap timeless by recording and translating such a kit into a powerful and natural-sounding Ableton Live Drum Rack.

  • 41 WAV files (24bit) of multiple-velocity hits.
  • 24 MIDI loops built around the Ableton kit, to get you started on the beats
  • Ableton Live 9 Drum Rack with 14 multi-sample Sampler instruments and Macro Controls
  • Drum-Mute feature: Playing in a bedroom is tight on space, and audible to neighbors, so we added a Macro control to blend between open drums, e-rings to tame the overtones, and neoprene muted drums and cymbals
  • EQ Scale quickly blends between a dry signal or tweaked studio vibe.
  • Random Velocity + Velocity Sens controls add variance, to humanize the hits
  • Attack and Decay macros
  • We’ve even spent extra time and thrown in a Native Instruments Battery 3 Kit.
  • royalty-free