A creative professional …

is a jack-of-all-trades

Through discipline and innovation, I've developed a variety of skillsets both creative and technical.

communicates deftly

I use my foundations in multiple art disciplines to communicate effectively in engaging ways with colleagues and audiences, and find joy in bringing out the voice of my collaborators.

thinks outside the box

A creative and technical background in various industries allows me to view and solve problems from a variety angles.

adapts easily

A broad knowledge base with deep touch-points, and experience with rapidly changing practices allows me to easily assimilate new environments, challenges, and skills.

I've been a professional designer and musician for close to twenty years, working in music production, visual design, and web design. In both commercial and artistic pursuits I really take pleasure in helping others fulfill their creative ideas, helping them connect with their audiences.


Music Production

mixing, sequencing, production, recording, multiple instruments, songwriting, publishing and licensing

Visual Design

graphic design, illustration, fine art, promotional graphics, presentation graphics, album art, motion graphics, print and web, Adobe CC

Web Design and Front-End Development

UI and Visual Design, Adobe CC, WordPress, Invision, CSS, HTML, javascript, PHP

responsive sites, apps, kiosks, digital signage, anything with a digital display

Bounte portrait

I have written, produced, designed for, and published music through many labels and agencies, landing spots with clients such as ABC, MTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Netflix, and Red Bull, and performed and toured with a variety of bands in the midwest.

I've designed hundreds of pieces for album covers, concert posters, websites, and merchandise. I've worked freelance with many clients, but also have been integral in long-term teams at companies large and small.